16 June, 2014

It's still spring

And it's acting like it.  Official summer doesn't start until this coming Saturday and it's really spring-like today.  Well, all of the weekend I guess you could say.  Cloudy, a bit breezy and plenty of rain.  The gardens love it but people are getting a bit cranky.  Me?  Nah, not really.  I have only four more weeks until my vacation so I'm walking on clouds.

I did pretty well this weekend, although I did not get up to Shane to get my earrings fixed, which is too bad.  But there are only so many hours in the day and I couldn't fit it in.  There was shopping and errands and chores and a party - and that's just Saturday!  Sunday was laundry and more chores and food shopping interspersed with doggie walks.  But ... but I did manage to carve out a nice chunk of time Sunday afternoon and I got lots done on the Iwi.  It's starting to look like something.  For a while there, with the asymmetrical start to it, it wasn't looking like much of anything.  But this yarn is gorgeous ... if you can get over the splitty nature of it.  It is very light and oh so soft.  I sure hope it doesn't start itching once I get it on, like what happened the last time I tried alpaca.  Time will tell.

This will be a very very busy week for me.  I have SO much to do at work all of a sudden.  And that's the way it seems to go these past few years ... nothing much going on and then *bam* I can't catch a breath.  Time will fly by and then before you know it I'll be on a plane.

In the meantime - I will look forward to my run and hope it's not pouring rain.  I do have a rain jacket so it'll have to be awfully wet for me to give it up.  I didn't run that fast on Friday so I think there must have been a little glitch in the app.  That being said, I ran pretty darned well, and right at pace where I was before I hurt myself, so I am very happy with that. 

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