27 June, 2014

I am very glad it's Friday

What a week.  And I'm glad it's over.  I could use a little R&R.  Work has been so busy and my mind has been whirring.  Now that the Mandate has been entered, which means that the case is finally over and the courts have held up my original judgment, we start on the final steps, and I must confess it's on my mind.  I'm not worried.  It's just in there mixing it up with all the rest of the things. 

I did have an absolutely fabulous run yesterday at noon.  I ran a full two minutes faster than last week.  Two minutes faster for my 3 mile run!  If I had kept going for another tenth of a mile I would have come close to my fastest 5K.  Perhaps I'll up the distance today if I'm feeling strong.  It is drizzling outside so it should be another decent one.

Unfortunately I had insomnia last night.  I was feeling so wonderful and I did a little tidying and had something to eat, then settled in with some stupid TV and my knitting.  I knit and knit until 9 o'clock when I thought I'd do a little reading.  I didn't turn out the light until 10:30 and I did fall asleep for about 30 minutes or so.  Then I was awoken by noise outside (what are the odds?) and that was it.  I was up until after 1 am.  I read some more.  I looked at news on my iPad.  I watched videos on YouTube - now that's really scraping the barrel, isn't it?  But at least it wasn't kitten videos.  I was watching makeup demos.  Almost as bad, I know.

Well, nothing is up for the weekend and that's fine with me.  I have plenty of things to do.  Too many things.  But then there's only one more weekend to go and that next weekend I'll be off!  And next week is a short week AND we're supposed to get lovely, sunny weather.  I am happy. 

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