19 June, 2014

They are NOT supposed to leave early!

Darn buses.  I know that you can't count on anything along the route, but at the transit center the bus is not supposed to leave early!  This morning I was loaded like a pack mule (I know, not a very pretty picture) and I couldn't run for the bus and away it went!  That steams me boy ....

Yesterday was another super busy day and noon knitting was a welcome respite.  It was only Monika and myself.  People are always so busy in the summer.  But we did fine and had a nice, productive hour away from the chaos.  We are going to Alderbrook this weekend and there's a fun little yarn shop we're going to visit in Shelton.  The weather should be fine as well and we can stop to visit John Sundsten and get some fresh oysters right off the beach!

Things are topsy-turvy for me this summer with a two week vacation right in the middle of things.  I suspect it's going to be a long, dark winter with my November trip off the table this year -- again.  Last year I couldn't go away in November because of the January trip and this coming year it will be .... well, who knows.  Getting ready for the curriculum change is going to be chaos.  Hopefully by the spring things will be on a path and I can get away for a few weeks.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  My head is spinning.  There is just too much to do and I am multi-tasking to beat the band.

And it's only Thursday!!!!

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