03 December, 2014

A new G.P.

I've been putting this off, but finally because of the asthma I had to get an appointment with a new doctor.  I saw her yesterday and I really like her!  Hoorah!  She gave me a couple of new things for my asthma and I slept great.  It's amazing how much easier it is to sleep when you can breathe.  Just sayin'.  Now if I can just figure out what my trigger is for this time of year, perhaps I can avoid it next year.

I worked from home the rest of the day, since it's nearly impossible to get to work at that time of day.  Tink was not very helpful.  It was sunny outside, so she wanted to be out on the deck.  But then she'd get out there and get cold and want to come back in.  And out.  And in.  Quite annoying.

The cold continues, although it is supposed to be warming up today and we'll be back in the 40's with rain.  Ahh, Seattle.  I finally broke down and wore a knitting hat when I walked Tink yesterday evening -- not that I don't have about a million of them -- and it really does make a difference in comfort in this type of weather.  I even wore it to work today. 

I did get a couple more rows done on the border pattern for the hooded shawl.  This is a slow slow project.  I am hoping that once the border is done and it's broken down into two sides and the center it'll go faster.  I hope.  It's got to be done by January to qualify in the KAL.  I should be able to get a couple of rows done at noon knitting today.

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