19 December, 2014

Oh the peace

It is very quiet this morning.  The transit center parking garage had empty spots where I never see them.  The bus is not packed, in fact there's room for everyone.  I wish I was one of the lucky ones off already, but then again I suppose they're going to wish they were me when I have three weeks off in the spring to wander France and Italy.  So, it is totally worth having to come to work.

I had a lovely walk down to University Village again where I found my Metaxa and got myself a little Christmas Jagermeister.  I popped it into the freezer while I was doing my hair and had a little while I was knitting.  Very festive.

I was hoping to finish up that hat last night, but it's a little slower going than I thought because of counting rows and figuring out which row gets the decrease.  The pattern author made a chart.  I think she could have done it a little better though.  But I just have to keep up with where I am in the patterning of k 3 rows and p 3 rows.  It's a little ridged hat.  Very cute.  I just need to concentrate and I can get that one finished off in less than an hour.  And that leaves me with only two more to go!

The lamb shanks are in at the store, so I can stop by on the way home and then make it for dinner tomorrow.  This had better be good.  Although I've never made anything out of this particular cook book that wasn't awesome.  I can get it into the cooker when I am done with my hair appointment tomorrow and then finish up with my errands so the rest of the weekend can be devoted to wrapping gifts and finishing hats and watching football.  Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

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