08 December, 2014

It's early yet

It's not even my sister's birthday yet and the tree is up and decorated!  Typically I wait until the 15th of December to get my tree because that's what we did as kids.  My sister's birthday is the 14th and my parents always wanted to make sure Christmas didn't start until she had a real birthday.  But this year is different.  I am making up for basically having to skip Christmas last year.  The tree makes the entire house smell so nice!  Tink has taken to curling up underneath the tree.  I wanted to get a picture of that but every time I would sneak up there to snap her she'd get up.  I'll keep trying.  It's really cute.

I bathed her yesterday and so in the evening I didn't want to let her out in the back on the long line because I didn't want her to get under the deck or roll in something nasty.  So I put on my coat and shoes and walked her outside to let her get her business done.  Well, something was out there.  I have no idea what, but she went crazy!  She was dashing all over the yard, sniffing and whining and she tried to get under the deck.  Whatever it was, she wanted it!  Oh the poor thing.  She whined and whined at the door when we got back in.  What a hunter she is.

I didn't get any knitting done at all this weekend and I am just aching to work on that project!  It's not football knitting nor movie watching knitting.  It's a sit in my room quietly type of project and I don't get much of that kind of time.  Maybe I can carve some quiet time out for myself this coming weekend, although I do have a lot of shopping to get done.  I"ll have to start early on Saturday.  I've got to get my sister's birthday gift in the mail tomorrow and the Christmas presents the following week. 

In the mornings I walk Tink before I leave for work and if I'm wearing nice shoes or high heeled ones I don't put them on until after the walk.  So I put on my Keens and we had our walk, then when I got back I put the leash away in the closet, slipped off the Keens and put my slippers on and got my coffee ready for my drive.  And then, coffee in hand, purse over my shoulder I started out the door.  Ah!  Thank goodness I realized I was wearing my slippers still!  What would I have done had I gotten to the bus in my slippers?  Turned right back around, that's for sure.

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