22 December, 2014

Winter solstice!

Hooray!  Now the days will start to get longer.  Slowly slowly.  It's the mornings that really get to me.  I hate having to get out of bed in the pitch dark.  Plus when I go to walk Tinkerbell it is likewise pitch black outside.  Since we really don't have street lights to speak of -- two for the entire cul de sac -- I need to carry a flashlight when I am walking her.  It's just that much more difficult, hands full of leash and flashlight, trying to get the bags out of the holder and open to pick up her mess.  Throw in an umbrella and it's really a handful.

It was an awesome football weekend.  Plus dinner at Steve and Ginny's, which is always a gourmet treat.  Now there's football on Saturday and Sunday so we got to watch part of the San Francisco game on Saturday.  But Sunday was the day and we saw the Seahawks beat Arizona, which was fabulous.  Now they're in the playoffs for sure.

I don't know how it happened, but I have been nominated to cook Christmas Eve dinner.  Only seven people though, so it won't be bad.  Plus I'm going to be getting off work early on Wednesday.  It'll be fun.  And easy.  I'm letting people bring things this time.  I'm making the roast and potatoes and I have a dessert, others are bringing salad and vegetables and starter. 

It's a short week and I am so glad for it.  I can't wait for my little vacation.  I'm going to sleep and every day take Tinkerbell to some park or other for a walk.  We can go to Marymoor and to Duval for the river walk.  Then there are other parks around that I haven't yet explored.  I won't be going to the Paradise Lake conservation place though, because that's a bit too remote to go on my own. 

It was very very quiet at the parking garage.  The upper floor where I park was nearly empty.  And the traffic was practically nonexistent as well.  I was super early.  I'll try to go a bit slower tomorrow.

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