18 December, 2014

This week is just crawling by

Oh heavens!  It's only Thursday!!  Oh I need a break something fierce.  Soon.  Well, not that soon, but soon enough. I am working today, tomorrow and then next Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday.  Then I'm off for a week and a half. Most everyone else is already gone.

I got two rows done at noon knitting yesterday on my Jo's Pride.  Only two more rows to go of the border pattern and then I can split it into three sections and, hopefully, it'll start to go a bit faster.  It now takes me 30 solid minutes to do a row.  That is so slow.  I despair of ever finishing this thing.  I did buy the extra beads I needed last weekend so I am going to keep plugging away.

In the meantime, in the evening I am furiously working on hats for children.  I've finished two so far and started a third.  I need to finish five for Christmas.I can get one finished up in two work evenings but I think this weekend if I put my mind to it I should be able to get all of the rest of them done, plus get all of the packages wrapped. 

For TV while I'm knitting I've been catching up with the Sherlock episodes I never finished last year.  The last season will be starting up in January, so I want to be sure I'm up to date.  It's such an excellent show.  I had forgotten just how much I loved it.  Plus I like the images of places around London.  I can recognize a few places I've been.  I swear in the episode I watched last night they were filming on the street of a hotel I have stayed a few times.  Then I get sad ...

So - lunchtime today it's back down to University Village.  I need some Metaxa for a lamb shanks recipe and they didn't have any in the small Safeway near my house.  There is a larger liquor store affiliated with QFC down there and hopefully they'll have some.  And not a huge bottle either, because I just need 1/4 cup!  It should be a tasty dish.  I'm still waiting for Safeway meat department to let me know when they get the lamb shanks in, however.  That's one of the things about being out so far.  I do have nice grocery stores near enough, but not near enough to stop by on the way home.  I make a special trip on the weekend, but I didn't do it last weekend because I was busy with Christmas shopping.  Oh well, not a big deal.

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