10 December, 2014

An early night indeed

I really REALLY needed to catch up on my sleep.  I was in bed at an indecent hour, figuring I'd read for an hour or so.  But you know what?  I fell asleep almost immediately!  And I pretty much slept through the night, too.  I do feel rested.  I guess I did need it.

I am going to miss noon knitting today because I've got to proctor an exam from 10:30 until 2.  Can you think of a worse time?  I am going to be absolutely famished!  Maybe I'll get a sandwich to take with me.  Yesterday at lunchtime I had my own noon knitting, taking my Jo's Pride downstairs to the med school lobby where there are comfy seats with good arms (for putting my beads) and lovely natural light.  I got two of the more difficult border rows done.  And to have some TV knitting, I have started the Wilted Warlock Hat using the Techno from my Yarnbox Luxe, striping with one of the yarns from an earlier box.  It's an easy knit and it's going to be cute and very warm.

Speaking of warm -- it was over 60 degrees yesterday!  Crazy!  Lots of wind and rain.  I wasn't needing to be out in it anyway, except for doggie walks.  It was too nasty to go out at lunchtime and today ... my lunchtime will be inside.  Next week I am going to start running again.  I am sure of it!

I am looking forward to "Inside the NFL" tonight.  The Seahawks beating the Eagles is going to be big news.  It sure is nice now that the Seahawks are good for a couple of years in a row.  When they were mediocre they never got much coverage on the show but now .... every week they are featured. 

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