24 December, 2014

Why that hat didn't look right

I had been working on my last of five hats for kids.  The final one, for a two year old, was Troll.  It's a cute little pattern with a pointy top.  But it just looked wrong somehow - as in the body of the hat before the decreases was as big as the hat I made for a six year old!  I finally took another look at the pattern and realized that the measurements were in centimeters rather than inches.  *sigh*  I had to unravel three inches of knitting.  After that it was quick and now I've got five cute little hats all ready to be wrapped up. 

It was so quiet on the way to work that I again had time to stop at Starbucks.  This time I thought an eggnog latte would be perfect, seeing as it's Christmas Eve.  Then when I got to the garage I parked on the second floor!  I think there were five of us on the usually standing room only bus.  I won't be staying here long today.  I've got a 2 o'clock manicure appointment and then I've got to get home and get the dinner ready for tonight.  And then ..... ah then I've got a week and a half to do nothing, and plenty of that!  My main occupations will be doggie walking and knitting, with a few naps thrown in for good measure and some TV binge watching.  It's going to be awesome!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 

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