11 December, 2014

Christmas party today

In my department, we have two holiday parties.  One for the entire department, usually early in the month (today) because many people take most of December off.  As soon as the last final exam is done (tomorrow) people just disappear until January, when the winter quarter begins.  And then, later in the month, the staff have a nice lunch out in a restaurant and we exchange gifts - white elephants at the restaurant.  It's fun and that will be next week.   Today we all bring a side dish or dessert - I brought a salad - and the department supplies ham and turkey and wine and .... stuff.  It's a nice afternoon and not much gets done afterwards.

I proctored that exam yesterday, three hours on my feet walking around the lecture hall.  Thank goodness I have my book to listen to while I monitor bathroom breaks and make sure people aren't cheating.  The other proctor from the Department of Medicine sat at the front of the room, playing on her iPad!  Seriously.  What kind of deterrent is that? 

It was storming quite seriously on the way home and traffic was just horrendous!  The bus was late and then it took me over 30 minutes to get home.  I was late, poor Tink, but I hustled her right outside where the wind and rain were soaking the both of us.  My umbrella blew inside out!  Luckily no trees came down and the electricity stayed on.  I had a nice shower, blew my hair out and called it a night.  I cuddled up in my blanket with my Wilted Warlock Hat project and watched "Inside the NFL" and caught up with an episode of "Once Upon a Time".  Dinner?  Cheese and crackers and Italian salami.  Cooking was not on my agenda.  I wasn't very hungry anyway.  I am feeling a might peckish this morning though.

I am loving that hat pattern!  Well, the yarn is yummy too.  But I think I'll make a couple of them for Christmas gifts if they turn out as cute as I think they will.  I should be able to finish up this one tonight.  I don't think I will be gifting this one.  I will have to keep it because the first couple rounds of the striping are kind of weird in the back of the hat.  I can hide it but I wouldn't want to give it to someone and I can't fix it after the fact.  I just had forgotten about hiding the jog and I can do it on the next one.  Super cute though!

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