09 December, 2014

Another successful Do Nothing Monday

After that busy weekend I was ready for a night of sloth.  I'll make up for it tonight, but last night I did nothing much at all.  I wound a few balls of yarn and started a TV knitting project.  And I re-heated the soup I had made on Sunday and that was dinner.  I didn't empty the dishwasher.  I didn't start the laundry.  Nothing much constructive at all.  I watched a silly movie and was in bed by 9 to read.  Asleep by 10.  I think I could have fallen asleep at 9 and maybe I'll do that tonight, because I am sleepy.  I did not get to catch up on my sleep on the weekend. 

The weather has gone from super cold to almost warm.  We are supposed to be getting some heavy weather these next couple of days - a windy, wet storm.  I must say, I prefer that to the super cold we had. 

It was crazy at work yesterday.  As in super quiet.  The chairman's assistant was home sick,  the woman who has the office next to mine in the suite was home sick (she's "sick" about once a week and she only works four days in the week!) and the IT guy, who has the office on the other side of me was at a meeting all morning.  Monika doesn't work on Mondays, which left me as the sole occupant of the main office.  The administrator was here, thank goodness, because I don't know anything at all about checking in packages and the workings of the copy machine. 

Tomorrow I am going to have to miss noon knitting because of the exam I have to proctor.  Yesterday I walked up to the PetPro store to get Tink's food and my foot was pretty good.  Also, I walked up two flights of stairs at a good pace and I was NOT gasping and using my rescue inhaler!  Progress!!  I think I will be able to run again next week.  Won't that be nice?  I just can't wait. 

Oh now I must stay awake.  I have been drinking the tea my friend brought from his trip home.  It's Yorkshire Gold, which is a much stronger breakfast tea than I normally drink.  And the bags are huge.  I can get two cups out of it.  I need strong tea this morning. 

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