17 December, 2014

Third re-set was the charm

I was really scared my iPad had something really wrong with it yesterday, but after re-setting it three times it just popped up like normal.  And for that I am thankful!  I use it so much.  Lately every pattern I've been knitting has been a PDF opened up in iBooks.  It's so handy that way.  And my reading at night - books on my Kindle read on my iPad.  All of my magazine subscriptions are on my iPad.  I am pretty attached to it.  Understatement.

We had such a fun lunch yesterday.  It wasn't raining, but cold.  Nevertheless most of us walked to Ivar's.  I had worn my super awesome red suede shoes, but also brought walking shoes because it's kind of muddy on the way to Ivar's.  And earlier in the morning I had to dash off to the dentist for a fluoride treatment and those high heels are not conducive to dashing.  BTW, that fluoride treatment tastes terrible!  Let's hope it works.

All of my Christmas gifts to my sister and nephews were wrapped and sent off yesterday.  All but one - a T-shirt I had ordered on line for Omie and which had said it was estimated to arrive December 18 - 22.  I got it in the mail yesterday!  You see, I ordered it off Amazon and I chose the item that had Prime, assuming it would come in two days like most of the Prime items.  But after I ordered it the arrival date estimation was much later, so I sent off all the other presents.  And then it comes.  So I've got to get that in the mail this morning.  I'll just send it USPS Priority.  It'll be there in plenty of time.

I am looking forward to noon knitting.  I'll be doing the first work on Jo's Pride since last week!  I've been working on the kids hats, nearly finishing the second one last night.  I can get that finished up tonight.  Then only three more to go!

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