01 December, 2014

I lived to tell the tale

First of all -- Man!  Is it ever cold!!!  Well below freezing this morning.  And what a morning, too.  First, the garage door wouldn't open.  It would go up just a bit and then go back down again.  My vehicle is not in the garage so it's not crucial.  I went out the front to get mine started while I walked Tink.  But it was SO cold that I couldn't get the door open!  Earlier while I was dressing I had boiled some water to heat up my commuter mug.  I was going to make an eggnog latte to take with me on the drive.  I grabbed that mug after tugging and tugging on the door, and poured the hot water over the hinges of the door and that did the trick.  That ate up 10 minutes.  I walked Tink but then there was no time to make a latte.  Traffic was rather light so in hindsight, I guess I could have taken the few extra minutes to make the latte, but you really never know.

So, how was the Thanksgiving dinner?  It was good!  When I think back a few years ago when I was forced to make a big meal for a bunch of ungrateful people, this was just a pleasure in comparison.  It came together easily, everything was delicious and the company was wonderful.  And then afterwards, after cleaning up and moving the extra table, we all sat down and watched the Seahawks beat San Francisco!  Perfection!!  And I got to use my big mixer for the first time - the big Kitchen Aid mixer.  I used it to mix the sweet potato casserole because I doubled the recipe.  It really worked well.  I'm going to use it again.

Friday I started with an eggnog latte to start the Christmas season.  I'm going to really enjoy this Christmas since we didn't have one last year.  I got my house back in order and in the evening watched "Christmas Vacation" and drank eggnog out of a Wally World punch cup, just like the movie.  It snowed Friday night, but just a little.  It was so cold that the snow stayed the whole weekend. Well, we still have it actually.

Saturday was knitting day and I finished up the first 14 row repeat of the border pattern and started on the second repeat.  I really wanted to relax this weekend and that I did.  With the exception of getting the outside lights up yesterday, it was pretty darned relaxing. Except for the nights.  I had bad asthma, waking every three hours or so.  I am looking forward to getting that handled tomorrow!

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