23 December, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

There was even less traffic today than yesterday.  I was so early this morning on my way in that I had time to stop at Starbucks for a nice seasonal beverage.  And still I didn't have to hurry to get the bus.  Plenty of time. 

It is really quiet around here and since I have nothing to do (!), boring as hell.  If I didn't have to save these days for my 3 week trip in April and May I surely wouldn't be at work.  As it is, I could have gone home early yesterday except the house cleaners come on Monday, so I couldn't be home anyway.  I left at my normal time and got home and .... they hadn't been there yet!!  And that threw my entire evening off.  By the time I was done walking Tink they had arrived, so I had to put her in the truck and away we went to sit at Triplehorn.  The beer is awesome and there's football on TV AND I can bring my dog.  It's not all bad.  It just wrecked my evening.  I'm hoping I can make it up today.  If I can get my manicure appointment moved to today rather than tomorrow, I can get that done and tomorrow just go right home and get everything ready for Christmas Eve dinner.  So we'll see.  If not my plan for tomorrow will work fine.

I didn't get my last hat finished last night but tonight for sure.  Then I've got a few more gifts to wrap - 10 more, actually.  No, twelve.  But they don't all have to be done by Christmas because we're taking four of them on Saturday. 

Fantasy Football is over.  I wasn't last.  That's all I can say about it.  I had such high hopes though!  I got the first pick.  Next year will be my year!  Yeah.

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