15 December, 2014

The cold is back!

Thursday we had a fun holiday party.  It was stormy and I got word the bridge was due to close, so I took off early to make sure I could get over the bridge.  The wind was blowing, off and on, but when I got home I could see patches of blue.  That didn't last long.  The storm really got going later in the evening and branches were coming down all over the place.  I had planned on working from home so I could attend a meeting, but the meeting got cancelled.  I worked from home anyway and I'm glad I did.  I found out later, when I went out for groceries, that the road I take to the transit center was closed, as were a bunch of other roads around my area.  The woman in the floral department at the grocery store hadn't been able to get home the night before and had to spend the night with a customer!  Every road she attempted to go down she was turned back because of branches over the wires.  Crazy.  Then the temperature started to go down yesterday and this morning everything was frozen.  It took me a couple of tries to get the door open on my poor, frozen vehicle.  Very annoying.

Saturday it was up and out early to get to the Alderwood Mall to finish up the Christmas shopping.  And good thing we were up early because it was a freaking mad house!  But everything is done except for a trip to Keihl's this noon time, since there isn't a Keihl's at Alderwood Mall.  I don't mind.  It'll be a nice walk at lunchtime and even though it's cold, it's going to be sunny.  Then tonight I will get everything wrapped off to be send to California tomorrow. 

I wanted to knit on my Jo's Pride this weekend, but I gotten into hats and I've made one and almost finished another.  I'm making five of them, for little kids.  It really doesn't take long and it's perfect TV knitting.  Like watching the Seahawks beat San Francisco.  Sweeeeeet!  Plus I almost got a hat done.

Nothing much to do here at work now until the quarter starts in January.  I happened to mention to my chairman and the administrator both that I was quite available to help with anything they needed because I was at loose ends.  Well, that's not exactly how it went.  The Chairman asked how I was and I said bored.  He asked why I wasn't in France then!  I told him that I specifically did NOT go to Europe this fall because he had intimated that we would be VERY busy and I should stick around!  Ah ... yes, well.  Ahem and cough cough ... So hopefully he'll come up with something interesting.  And in the meantime I will most likely be leaving early and/or working from home.  My office is about as clean as I can make it.

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