01 July, 2013

A weekend of firsts

I am scared of heights.  I can't stand near a railing or walk over a tall bridge without being extremely uncomfortable.  So the idea of riding in a helicopter was kind of a love/hate thing.  Saturday morning I got into a small helicopter and I had to sit in the front because I was the smallest - it is a weight distribution thing.  It was a four seater, the driver (on the right side) had taken his door off because of the heat and it's all glass - or plexiglass or whatever the heck.  It's clear.  I got strapped in and told myself that if I got scared I'd just pretend it was a ride at Disneyland or Universal Studios.  But I have to say it was the most AWESOME thing!  I wasn't uncomfortable for a second, even when the pilot did steep banking turns.  We got to fly over the new Husky Stadium, and see Seattle in a way that is so much better than flying over in a passenger jet.  The entire trip was extremely relaxing and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I loved it.

We had to escape the heat.  The entire country, or at least the west coast, is broiling in a heatwave and my apartment, my teensie weensie apartment, has no air conditioning and southern exposure.  It is hot.  So we headed out to the house that should have been remodeled by now, but won't be started until July 29.  Most of everything is packed up awaiting the construction but it's liveable and much much cooler.  It was even cool enough for me to do a few more repeats on the Mobius Cowl while watching the Mariners.  And then I made mussels for the first time and they were just delicious.  I got some tarragon and cooked them in white wine then made a sauce with the wine and butter and tarragon.  Simple and utterly gorgeous.  Ahhh .....  And there you go - two firsts in one day!

A little yard work in the morning while it was relatively cool is the only way to go.  By noon it was hot and by 1 unbearable.   That was fine.  Believe me, I hate yard work.  Thirty minutes is enough for me.  There was no knitting.  The temperature was even hotter than Saturday and I was not looking forward to going back to my oven, but there was nothing for it.  I got sushi for dinner - the only thing I could imagine eating besides the yummy watermelon salad I had made Saturday.  And even with two fans blowing I didn't get much sleep.

I was awake before 5:30 and headed down to the workout room right before six and had a super great run on the treadmill.  I'm getting used to running on it and didn't even use the handles after I got warmed up.  I also had remembered to take my inhaler.  It was great.  Then I took a full 30 minutes walking with Tink to cool down so I wouldn't have the same problem I had Friday.  That was just a little too long though.  I ended up JUST making my bus.  Wednesday I'll cut her walk a bit.  She was happy for the 30 minutes and frankly I bet she won't be all that excited about walking when I get home in the 90+ degrees.  I hope they let us out early today.   There's no air conditioning in my office.

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