07 August, 2013

A different kind of noon knitting

Today a few of us are taking a field trip to South Lake Union to visit Peggy for our noon knitting.  I don't know how much knitting we'll actually do since we won't have the entire hour, but I brought mine in anyway.  I haven't been able to touch the Mobius Cowl at home because it's been so darned hot.   I have been toying with starting another project - a small one like mitts, as I said.  I need to divide the Dream in Color Starry OR ... or I could use the two skeins of Noro Seku.  Hmmmmm  But it does need to be portable so I can take it with me Friday.

The portable air conditioner has been wonderful for keeping a small area cool, but it doesn't do much for the rest of the apartment.  The fan is still needed at bedtime and even then it's pretty hot.   According to the Yahoo weather app, it's much cooler in Santa Monica.  But I don't know how accurate that is vis a vis my sister's area.  I don't think she's right on the beach.  I'd better check with her today.  I must get most of my packing done tonight because tomorrow evening I'm going out and then Friday morning I have to catch the bus for the airport at 6:15.  Yipes!

The birthday week feeling is kicking in now that I'm feeling back to 100%.   I had a wonderful quiet evening and watched the first episode of Hard Knocks on HBO.  It'd the Bengals this year.  Not a fabulous team but the show is always entertaining.  Then a little reading and a great night of sleep.  The fan does keep some of the noise out and I think that's why I've been getting such good sleep.

It doesn't look like this party for McG's birthday is going to be happening.  At least not this month.  He's not returning my calls.  I know he's busy but it was his idea!  That guy ....

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Happy Birthday!