27 August, 2013

Oh this week ....

Every year it's the same.  At least I haven't had any nightmares yet, although I did have some pretty vivid dreams last night.  Dreaming means I was sleeping so that's good.  It was cooler last night and I sleep much better when I'm not gasping for breath. 

I was caught up in telephone calls and only got a little bit of knitting done.  I am now quite eager to get finished with the Mobius Cowl and start working again on the Mariah jacket.  It will be quite difficult to get re-started with it, I am sure.  On the sleeves there are three things to keep track of, hence three counters.  But once the sleeves are done it'll be smooth sailing.  But not for a few more weeks.  It is a hot project, for cool weather knitting.

I am feeling quite antsy, and I am so glad I've got a three day weekend to look forward to.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and not raining.  Wouldn't that be something if, after all this glorious summer we've been having, that the last weekend of summer (not literally but school-wise) would be rainy?  I cannot say how many times it's happened, but quite a few.

I need a vacation.  It is going to be weeks and weeks.

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