26 August, 2013

Last week before chaos

That was quick -- the weekend was gone in a minute.  Friday night I watched the Seahawks beat the Packers.  Only one more pre-season game to go.  This was the seventh pre-season game in a row they've won.  Pretty impressive, even though the games don't count.  It really speaks to their depth.  There were a couple more games on this weekend and I watched a bit.  I truly do have to start studying for my draft, which is taking place at the very absolutely last minute - Tuesday night before the first game, which is on Thursday, September 5th.  Tick tock

All I really wanted to do this weekend was rest.  Just do nothing.  It was almost what I got.  I did do a little running around on Saturday and got talked into going to Golden Gardens to walk the dog and have lunch.  Ah ... not such a good idea on a beautiful sunny day in August.  It was crazy down there and there wasn't a spot to be had in the parking lots.  There were people getting married at the end of the park and in between the marina and the end of the park about a million people having picnics and playing in the sand.  It would have made Tink crazy anyway so I thought the dog park might be a fine idea.  She was not at all interested in it.  Period.  She kept turning around and heading for the gate!  So I gave in and we left.  She was much happier laying under my feet at a little pub outside.  That's fine with me.  I heard some nice music and had a lovely beer. 

I very much wanted to knit but it was just too hot Saturday evening, even with the air conditioning.  Plus I needed some quiet time to get back on track with the project I started while I was in California using some Noro Taiyo I had stashed.  I decided to make another pair of convertible mitts with longer cuffs.  After a busy Sunday with dog walking and a visit to the nail salon and then some much needed cleaning I was able to sit down Sunday afternoon in the blissful quiet and just knit.  Ahhhh ....  It took me a while but I was finally able to get them going.  It is just fiddly trying to get two at a time on two circulars going, especially with this yarn which is very very fine.  It will be slow going but they will be well used.  By the time I get them done it'll be cold enough to need them.

It will be very busy this week in spurts with the two TA meetings and orientation to run.  I think this is my least favorite week of the year.  Running in the morning is a big help for my state of mind, I must say.  Fingers crossed I can keep it up.  My right ankle was a bit tweaky this morning, but I just got on the treadmill and started and a couple of minutes in it was all warmed up and no pain.  Let's keep it that way.

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