19 August, 2013

Just a little darker

This morning was the first morning in a little over a week that I was on the treadmill at 6 am.  It was a bit cloudy too, so I really noticed the change.  It was darker and the sun rose while I was running.  Well that's just the natural progression but we have been having such a gorgeous and glorious summer.  I am not going to want to say goodbye to that.  The heat?  I won't miss that too much.

I tried to have a quiet weekend and almost succeeded.  It wasn't too busy anyway and I got some good lounging around done yesterday between laundry.  Saturday I had an early hair appointment and then got my eyes opened at the frame shop.  Good heavens -- well, you get what you pay for and that picture is going to be stunning when it's all finished.  But it was an eye opener for sure.  I did get great customer service though - Lake City Frame is the best.

So to lessen the sticker shock I had a nice lunch al fresco.  I have fallen in love with a particular salad at, of all places, Red Robin.  But it's delicious -- grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce with grilled corn and beans and all sorts of other things.  I just order it without the tortilla strips and with the dressing on the side.  Perfection.  It's not the classiest place, sure, but it's close to home and I really like the patio because every table has an umbrella.  All day really was just marking time until the Seahawks game against the Broncos.  Sure it's preseason but I tell you, it didn't feel like it.  The firsts played nearly the entire half.  And the Seahawks won, which is always nice.

I turned the air conditioner a bit so that I could get more direct cool air and was able to do some good knitting during the game and again on Sunday for a movie.  I've started the last, fourth, skein on the Mobius Cowl.  I should be able to graft it in another week or so.  I am going to have to look into this, but it's garter stitch.  Is the Kitchner stitch different for garter than it is for stockinette?  I am guessing that it is.  I am tempted to just go ahead and instead of knit off, purl on, purl off, knit on, do all knits.  But I'll look it up first to make sure.

Work is going to be heating up this week.  I am glad I have my morning stress buster back in place.  Now if I could just find an effective way to cool down in the morning!  Even with a 20 minute post workout walk with Tink and a cool shower, I can't seem to get my core temp down and before I've even finished with my makeup I'm pouring again.  Wednesday I'll try a second fan in the bathroom.  The ceiling fan is doing no good.  Of course -- if I could get a cross breeze going it would be no problem.  I wonder if the neighbors would mind if I opened the hall door a crack.  heh ... joking.  But oh my, that would be wonderful and sure would do the trick!

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