22 August, 2013

My invisible suit

I actually didn't know I was wearing it yesterday, but apparently I was!  Since it was, I thought, only going to be two of us for noon knitting I decided it would be crazy to book the big (40 person) conference room and instead suggested that we meet downstairs in the Rotunda, which is the area outside of the cafeteria where there are tables and chairs.  When I got down there I couldn't see any of my knitting buddies and the one who was supposed to be meeting me had a meeting and said she'd be a little late.  So I sat down and took out my knitting and proceeded to knit alone and wait for my friend.  And she never came and never came.  I did spy her ex-boss having lunch and thought perhaps she had seen her and decided not to join me.  So at about 10 to 1, I decided she wasn't going to show and got up to go back to work.  That's when I spied them -- THREE of them -- sitting at a table behind me.  They all swore they looked for me and who am I to say they didn't.  But I was right there, with knitting on the table.  *sigh*  I felt like an idiot sitting there all alone.  Ah well, it won't happen again.  Next time we'll set an exact place to meet.

Being that it's so ridiculously hot in my apartment I put dinner in the slow cooker before I left for work yesterday so I came home to dinner already cooked.  That was nice because it was crazy hot in that apartment.  Too hot to knit, which makes me sad.  Hopefully I can get that Mobius Cowl finished this weekend.  I want to get going on a pair of convertible mitts for this fall.  I did start them in California but it's tricky starting two at once on circulars and my yarn got tangled.  Also I was drinking wine -- not smart when you're trying to do that.  So I just relaxed and watched Hard Knocks and some stupid TV.  My new favorite stupid show - Drunk History - is hilarious so I caught up on that as well. 

It's going to be another hot one today.  But at night it seems as if it's getting just a little cooler.   I just love that I'm working out in the mornings.  I really enjoy my noon walks around the campus.  Probably it won't be so enjoyable when it's nasty and cold outside, but for now it's glorious.  The roses are in full bloom in the gardens around the fountain and you can smell them.  Ahhh .... beautiful.

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