29 August, 2013

Oh the humidity!

Honestly.  It is like being on the East coast!   And hot too - nearly 80 yesterday.  I had to put the air conditioner on again last night.  The Seahawks are playing their last pre-season game tonight, here at home, and I pity those players.  It's going to be nasty out there on the field.

It was a busy busy day yesterday, and it'll be another busy one today.  I've got a presentation to make at 10 am to the incoming class, then another TA meeting at noon.  Yesterday was noon knitting but I only got to go for a few minutes.  I was super stressed and I needed to wind down.  It was perfect.  I won't be able to go out for my noon walk - although if the my portion of the meeting is quick I guess I can still go!  Yeah, I'll do that.  If it's not pouring rain.

It was a quiet evening.  Chores and a nice curry for dinner and then an episode of Hard Knocks.  I think there's only one more left.  The fan allowed me a decent night's sleep.  Poor Tink.  She is not doing well with this heat.  She HATES to walk when it's hot and I have to make her go out when I get home.  Yesterday I was just dragging her around until she got all her business done.  I know when she is too hot on a walk because when I get into the elevator she immediately plops herself down on the cool tile.  And then at home, she makes a bee line for the air conditioner rather than her basket of toys.  She's a little better at the 7 o'clock walk, but not much.  The mornings are her favorite for now.

So - onward.  I just have to make it through today and half of tomorrow and then .... woohoo, long weekend!

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