28 August, 2013

Coping strategies

My favorite coping strategy ... coping with the stress caused by work this time of year ... is hard exercise and heavy doses of daydreaming about an upcoming trip.  But my next trip is so far in the future that it's hard to capture for stress release.   My next real time off is Thanksgiving week, which will be a stay-cation but a lovely long rest as well.  I know I have a little extra vacation and I'll probably end up using it in October after Histo gets going.  That'll have to do.

After Tink's walk yesterday when I got home, I quickly changed into some more comfy clothes -- it was blazing hot and muggy -- and took off for the QFC to pick up a partial prescription.  I had forgotten to call in a refill last week, called it in on the weekend only to find that there were no refills left and by yesterday afternoon my doctor's office still hadn't responded to the pharmacy.  They were kind enough to offer me a supply to get me through to the end of the week and now I'll have to call the doctor's office myself to find out what's going on.  My guess is they're short handed.  It is late August after all.

Then by the time I returned, showered and got my hair dried it was time for her 7 pm walk.  As a happy bonus I found a book on my Kindle that I had forgotten I had ordered!  One I was looking forward to reading and so I popped into bed with the fan on and had a good long, maybe too long, read.  When that alarm went off at 5:45 this morning ... yipes.  But I made it out of bed and down to the treadmill by 6 am and I'm feeling great.  Good thing too because it's going to be a big day today and tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get all of my ducks lined up Friday so I can take off early for a long weekend.

Noon knitting today.  I know where everyone will be.  No surprises today.

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