30 August, 2013

Heigh-oh! Three day weekend!

All I have to do is make it through the morning and then ..... I'm off!  Taking off early to start my long weekend with nothing but football (the Huskies have their season opener tomorrow) and sunshine and long walks and cocktails and a few mock drafts.  My fantasy draft is next Tuesday night and I haven't even started doing research.  But that's not work.  It's fun.

Did we ever get some rain yesterday!  Wow!  It was a deluge - well, I should say several deluges.  At one point in the evening I had to close the slider door because the rain was blowing into the dining room!  It cooled the air a bit but did absolutely nothing for the stifling humidity.  Tink's 7 o'clock walk was a joy in the damp, cool-ish air.

I watched most of the Seahawks game last night against the hapless Raiders, but lost interest after the first half when it was our number 3s against their number 2s.  The final roster cuts are coming and then REAL football!

After turning the air conditioner on I got comfy and got a few more rows done on the Mobius Cowl.  I dearly want to finish that thing so maybe this weekend I can carve out a few hours for a couple of days and put it to bed.  And then ... oh I should really, truly finish up my Cloisonne jacket.  All it needs is the facings sewn on!  That's it.  It was already blocked and sewn before the facings were knit.  *sigh*  Really, that's what I should do.  Keep tuned.  Will I?  J

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