02 August, 2013

A little bit of mist!

This is unusual.  We have had a record breaking July, the dryest since 1951.  Today we are getting a little mist and yesterday actually I was a bit chilly!  Not to worry.  It is going to get hot hot hot again in a couple of days so this is actually a nice respite.

Because it was so chilly I wore my Aristida scarf today and remembered that I've got TONS of the Dream in Color Starry that I used for this.  I only used a few yards of the second skein and intended to make convertible mitts with the rest.  It is in one skein and I have to weigh it and then wind off half, so that's why I didn't do it immediately.  But it would make a good transition project with plenty of  TV knitting potential.  And portability - as in something to take with me next week to California.  So that's one more thing for my list of chores this weekend.

It was a quiet evening last night.  I have a new good book that I was anxious to get back to, so I retired early and read for almost two hours in bed.  On my "fasting" days, 500 calories doesn't give me much stamina or staying power.  I'm pretty much ready to recline almost as soon as I'm done with my evening's 200 calories.  It is odd to me that I've got so much energy the next morning and no hunger pangs.  I had another awesome run on the treadmill, this time the entire 30 minutes up another click.  My guilty secret?  My Pandora playlist of country work out tunes!  I know .... but it seems to work.  Unfortunately I can't use Pandora when I am also using the Nike app, so it only works for inside running.  I'll have to try to come up with a new playlist for my outdoor running.  I've been using the same one for over a year.  I hope to be able to carve out some time on Sunday to do a once around Green Lake in preparation for my September 8 race. 

The jury is still out on what the weather is going to bring for the party on Saturday.  I'm going to fix my new dress anyway.  If I have to pop on a little denim jacket, so be it.  I hear there's going to be a band, so maybe I'll heat up on the dance floor.

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