01 August, 2013

The summer knitting blahs

I love summer and I love love LOVE warm weather!  We don't often get a summer like this in Seattle so I am definitely not complaining.  It's just .... it's just not knitting weather!  Or maybe I should say it's not knitting weather with the yarn and projects I have going now.  I should probably be working on something silk or linen but I don't have anything in my stash right now and I'm determined to plug along with the Mobius Cowl, although I have to be very careful to keep the thing off my lap because it heats me up something fierce!  Elann has a 100% silk yarn coming up August 6th that looks a lot like the Ella Rae Shibu that I am so fond of, so I think I'm going to indulge myself and get some of it.  The color selection isn't great but it does come in that lovely green I love.   And there's a tunic pattern shown with it that I think is pretty cute too.  A little bit of lace but not too much to make it 100% non-TV knitting.  Well, I have to think of that.  Football season is almost here and pre-season is just around the corner!  woohoo! 

Ah!  And it's the first of August already.  I can hardly believe it.  This year seems to be just zipping by!  Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to slow time down, is there?  Maybe I should stop having so much fun.  heh

This weekend is a big outdoor party - a luau themed event.  I bought a maxi dress to wear but when it arrived I loved it so much that I didn't want to risk wearing it at a BBQ, but rather I want to wear it in Santa Monica for my birthday party.  So I bought another dress on line.  It was really discounted and I figured if it was cheap looking or didn't fit right I could just send it back.  In other words, worth the small risk.  It came last night and I have to say it is perfect!  Well, it will be perfect.  I can see now why it was marked down.  People were getting it and returning it right away because it doesn't have any shaping.  The fabric is beautiful, it's lined, it's very well made and the color is nice too.  But without shaping it is not very flattering.  I put it on and was standing there wondering how I could make it work, since it was so perfect in every other way.  A belt?  No.  Tucks!  I pinched the fabric to make bust darts and voila! That was what it needed.  Tonight or tomorrow I will make the little adjustment - it's going to be quite easy even without a sewing machine.  Doesn't anybody sew anymore?  Seriously, it's not going to take more than 10 minutes and I'll have a really nice dress.  I am happy.  Now if I spill BBQ sauce on it, I won't feel quite so bad. 

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