23 August, 2013

It feels like the whole world is on vacation!

It is so quiet around here!  So many people are on vacation and school is not in session.  Plus, it's Friday.  I hopped right out of bed and got on that treadmill.  And when I was done, took a lovely walk with Tink.  It's cooler this morning and a bit cloudy.  It will burn off by noon but thankfully is not supposed to be near as hot as yesterday.  I did notice as well that it's getting cooler at night.  Finally.

On my way in to work today 3 guys got on the bus at a stop by a dorm building.  They were football players, I'm sure of it.  Husky football starts in a little over a week!  They are playing in their new stadium, which is gorgeous!  I flew over it in the helicopter ride last month but I walk by it nearly every day.  The basic shape is the same, but it's modernized, the track is gone and there are more seats.  It's going to be really loud. 

I wasn't in the mood for TV last night even though there was a pre-season game on.  Two teams I am not really interested in, although I've got to step up my game here and pay attention.  I've got my fantasy draft in a couple of weeks.  Maybe I should do a few mock ones, ya think?  I knit a few rows and then retired to read but nothing really caught my attention.  I'm a little restless I guess.  I love the sunshine but I don't do very well with heat.  Plus I had a terrible sinus thing going on yesterday and so it was headache all day.  The only thing that helps in that situation - a muggy day - is something for my sinuses but Benadryl is not for the daytime. 

But hey!  It's Friday!!  The Seahawks are on the road, playing the Packers tonight in pre-season game 3, the dress rehearsal.  I think they'll have the number one players in for the entire first half.  I hope anyway.  And nothing going on this weekend but resting -- and housework and laundry and nails ... I want to dedicate a few hours to just quiet knitting time.  I shall.

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