21 August, 2013

Who are they targeting?

I am continually surprised by the ridiculous spam emails that find their way through the filters - even on my work email.  Yesterday I was informed that the senders had donated 2 million British pounds to me.  Who believes this stuff?  Who actually sends their personal information?  I know that there are people every day new to the Internet, but by now the warnings are everywhere.  I am just astonished that this phenomenon hasn't disappeared yet.  A sucker born every minute - who said that?  It was a long time ago and still very true, apparently.

I had a strong run this morning.  I'm still amazed at how much energy I have after my 500 calorie days.  I really like this 5:2 diet.  Well any diet where there is little suffering has my approval, especially when I still have energy.  Sometimes when I'm counting calories I just run out of steam.  It hasn't happened with this one, although I must admit to some ridiculous hunger pangs at night sometimes. 

It seems to be getting just a little bit cooler at night, although today it's going to be even hotter than yesterday.  I didn't really feel like knitting last night.  I wanted to finish my book, which I did.  While I was in California my sister loaded me up with some books, so I have reading material.  But I really enjoy that particular author and her protagonist, Jackson Brodie.  This was one that I didn't even know existed - always nice.  Now though, I must find something in the stack she gave me.

Wednesday noon knitting is always dicey in the summer with all the vacations, etc.  Today just two of us and we're going to meet in the Rotunda since I didn't want to get a big meeting room just for the two of us.  We'll be back on schedule in a few weeks.  It's nice and cool down there and, hopefully, won't be too full since school is on break.

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