05 January, 2015

I did not want to get up

Oh dear.  How hard was it to get up and out this morning?  Ridiculous.  I had such a wonderful week and a half.  It was so relaxing.  Getting back into the routine of going to work was terribly hard.  I didn't stay up too late, thank goodness, so I wasn't really tired this morning.  But it's dark and it was pouring rain and I knew the traffic would be awful.  I was right.  It was bumper to bumper nearly all the way to the parking garage, then there was the search for a parking spot.  It was that full.  And I'm wearing very high heeled boots and I had to "run" for the bus.  I was carrying my week of lunches and fruit and milk in a bag, purse on my shoulder and holding an umbrella.  I wasn't so much running as kind of walking fast.  I am sure I looked quite foolish.  But I made the bus and I got a seat, which is more than I can say for the people who got on later. 

So what did I do with the embarrassment of time and leisure?  I cooked Christmas Eve dinner, I had a lovely Christmas day.  A fun little overnight in Bellingham, some great shopping.  I knit nearly every day, I slept in and that was perhaps the best part of the entire stay-cation.  Tink got some nice long walks, although my plan of driving to a new park every day did not pan out.  The weather wasn't fabulous.  It was, in fact, quite cold.  I took a vacation from blowing my hair dry - just let it go wild for a week.  I watched quite a bit of football.  I cooked some fabulous meals.  I worked on my Jo's Pride, but that it slow going!  Seriously - it's 30 minutes for each row still, even though it is decreasing.  But size four needles with sock yarn, that's small.  It's gorgeous, but wow, it is a slog.  I think I spent two hours on it one day, maybe three.  Then other times I would just do a couple of rows.  I am now on row 18 of the decrease section, which was started after 28 rows of the border.  This decrease section goes for 45 rows.  You do the math .... I'm going to have days into this by the time it's done.  For TV knitting I started a fun triangle that I am going to put tassels on the three corners.  It will be a great spring scarf/wrap.

I did a fair amount of reading and not any binge TV watching.  While it was cold, it was not raining or snowing outside and I just don't feel right having the television on during the day - that is unless it's a weekend and I'm watching sports, or I'm sick in bed.  Otherwise I just like the silence.  I am very proud to say that Christmas got cleaned up Saturday - the tree, the decorations outside all put away.  And good thing too, because it started raining on Sunday and it would have been much easier to put off.  Now it is done and put away. 

Of course there were two work related emails that I made the mistake of looking at, but I am proud to say that I did nothing about them.  I wanted a real vacation plus it irks me that people wait until the very last minute.  So I have a full plate this morning.  I should get to it.

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