09 January, 2015

A big ol' dose of vitamin D

It is getting colder and it's very foggy today.  It started out that way yesterday as well, but the sun did come out and I took full advantage of it, going on a long walk at noontime with my face to the sun.  It was wonderful and really did make me feel better.  After lunch I even got myself together enough to book some places for the trip.  I got AirBNB going and booked a place in Paris, near to where I lived, but closer to Place des Voges (one of my favorite places).  And then I booked a teeny weeny place in Venice.  It is small, but the price is right and it's away from the tourist section in a neighborhood.  Just what I'm looking for.  Next is Florence, then Cinque Terre and from there I am not sure.  At least I've finally got a start on it!

I can't warm up.  The bus was cold this morning, despite being packed as usual.  I was restless this morning.  I kept waking up and I don't know why.  Was it because Tink was restless?  Because I was cold?  I don't know.  It's just annoying and now I'm groggy. 

This weekend is all about football.  And next Monday is the first college championship and that will be a good game, I am hoping.  I want to get some good knitting done and that's about it.  Here's to a nice, quiet weekend.

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