14 January, 2015

Could the flu shot have helped?

Friday I didn't last long at work.  At lunchtime I went out for a walk thinking that maybe I'd feel better after some fresh air, but I kept feeling worse and worse and just went home finally.  I was dragging and achy all weekend. 

The football was good though.  Seattle won again.  Now we're in the NFC championship game with Green Bay this Sunday here in Seattle.  That'll be a good game.  I had also been looking forward to the first college national championship game - Oregon Ducks vs Ohio Buckeyes.  Not a great game.  The Ducks were beat soundly.

I ended up staying home from work both Monday and yesterday. I made it in today.  I am feeling better, at least the continual body ache is gone.  I'm a bit stuffier than I have been, but I am not tired.  Let's see how the day goes.

Not much knitting done either.  I did a few rows on a spring shawl I'm doing but that's it.  I need to get my count right on the Jo's Pride.  I think I messed it up at the last noon knitting.  I need some quiet time to do that.  Maybe tonight, but I doubt it.  I'm not in the mood.

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