22 January, 2015

Working on that darned itinerary

Okay I'm getting closer to getting this trip figured out.   Hooray for me, yeah?  I had totally spaced Emma's birthday - April 27.  She does want to meet up and so I think I'll suggest she comes to Florence.  That way we don't have to go way out of our way on the return trip to Paris and can spend more time in Italy.  Perfect.  I'm going to work on this today and try to put as many pieces together as possible.  I was reading a bit about Siena yesterday and got an idea.  The book was talking about wine tasting classes in English.  I had such a fun time last year in Mexico taking that cooking class.  Therefore, I'm going to read a bit more and see about maybe going further into Tuscany (south) and finding some cooking classes.  That would be so cool!

I didn't touch my knitting last night.  It was "Inside the NFL" night and then reading.  I was looking for a new Sarah Dunant book, but she doesn't have one that I haven't ready.  Ah ha ..... but she had written a few books BEFORE I discovered her historical books.  I bought one of those a few days ago and that's what I'm reading.  It's called "Birth Marks" and features a detective named Hannah Wolfe.  It's definitely an early work.  The story is good though.

It's been a long time coming but today I am going to try running again.  Well, it'll be more like walk walk walk run walk walk walk run ..... slowly.  Besides my foot my lungs are out of shape.  As long as my foot is okay I suspect this time it'll take me a good two weeks to get back into a good pace.  I'll go out if it's sprinkling but not if it's pouring, so let's hope for the best.

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