16 January, 2015

It's about those Christmas lights

In our little cul-de-sac neighborhood a few of us put up Christmas lights, some more elaborate than others and some done by professionals.  The first house with lights had them done professionally and I was in awe of those men up there on that extremely steep roof, lining the dormer windows with lights.  They must be on a timer, because I notice in the morning when I'm walking Tink that they go out at 6:45 am.  Now though, everyone has taken their lights down except these people.  Still on the timer.  I suppose they want to get their money's worth, having them done professionally.  But hey, enough's enough. 

What's on for the weekend?  Ah .... Seahawks football, that's what!  If the Seahawks beat Green Bay this weekend they're going to the Super Bowl, so that's all that is on everyone's mind, on the radio, talk on the bus, etc.  I don't know yet if we'll be staying home to watch.  I would much rather do that than be with a bunch of people, half of whom are really not interested in the game.  Yeah, well we'll see.

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which means a long weekend for me.  I've got an appointment for my hair and then that's about it.  Sleeping in is going to be tops on my list.  I have a couple of things to exchange so if I don't get that done Saturday I can take care of it Monday.  And maybe I can find my knitting mojo.

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