28 January, 2015

Incentive or Drizzlefizzle

I was looking for a pattern on Ravelry for my Feederbrook Farms Entropy and came across the Incentive pattern.  It looked fun and perfect for the yarn and yardage so I bought it.  The pattern PDF called it Drizzlefizzle and I think that's as fine a name as Incentive. It's put together a lot like the Venomous Tentacula in that the border stays the same size and the garter stitch top grows.  By the way, I wear the Venomous Tentacula a lot!  As you can see, this Entropy colorway, Q (for Quark, I think) starts out lavender.  It does seems to have quite a bit of brown-y orange in it and a little more than I would like, but as I said, it's nice to branch out color wise.  I can't knit everything in green!  It's good TV knitting.  I will have the bottom portion memorized before long.  Each repeat comprises four rows, two picot edges.  The top part will grow to a certain number of stitches, then short rows, then more growing or decreasing.  And the yarn is lovely!  Soft and squishy. 

So that's what I did last night after Tink's walk.  I wound yarn and started this project.  I was a little worried about Tink but she seemed fine when I (finally) got home last night.  The bus was late and the traffic was bad.  A construction project is going to be started here at the U right in front of my bus stop and the road will be down to one lane.  I suspect getting home is going to be a hassle for a while.

I am looking forward to Inside the NFL tonight, although I imagine much of the time is going to spent on the deflated footballs question.  And then after Sunday football will be over for a while.  I dreamed about it last night, actually.  Someone was asking me if I wanted to watch an arena football game on TV.  I was appalled. 

Today I am going to run again at lunchtime.  It is the highlight of my day.  What does that tell you?

Emma emailed this morning.  She's all set to meet us in Florence in April!  That will be so much fun!!  Now I really really need to figure out the rest of the trip!  I don't want to go further into Tuscany if I have to take Italian buses and I don't want to rent a car.  So ... back up the coast or somewhere else?  Gah!! 

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