29 January, 2015


Yesterday I was ready to run again and it was good!  I didn't even have to take an extra puff of my inhaler, which is fabulous.  It was run walk run walk but definitely more running than walking too.  When I got home I had a hot bath and this morning I have exactly ZERO aches and ZERO pains!  Woohoo!!  Just to be on the extra safe side I'm going to walk up to the store rather than run and then run again tomorrow.  If that goes well and by well I mean that my foot and/or toe doesn't flare up, I can run on consecutive days next week.  It is supposed to be raining all next week, but unless it is pouring, I don't care.  I'll be out there.

It has gotten just a little cooler and more seasonal.  In fact, there was a bit of frost on my windows this morning.  Just a little though.  I had a fire last night while I was knitting and watching Inside the NFL.  Only one more program to go and then football season is really truly over.  Imagine how much free time I'll have on the weekends.  Staggering the amount of time spent during football season on just watching. 

I am still stuck on what to do for the last part of my trip.  Perhaps I should put that tops on my list for tomorrow.  I have lots of details I still have to iron out - plane tickets for Paris to Venice and things like that.  A mountain of details.  Maybe that's what keeping me from starting.  I don't know ....  I just need to step up and do it!

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