07 January, 2015

Getting bogged down

I don't understand exactly how or why it happens.  It is like when I lose my  knitting mojo.  Procrastination at its worst.  I can't seem to get out of this rut!  But I must get myself back on track.  It could be just seasonal malaise because of the lack of daylight.  Perhaps once I start (there's that word - start) planning my trip things will loosen up.  Or maybe if I could just get myself running again, that would do it.  I am expecting that I should be able to get out there and at least run a minute walk a minute by next Monday.  I think I am being overly optimistic that the pain from my foot will disappear.  I may just have to deal with it.  Whatever it takes. 

How difficult is it going to be to stay awake at my meeting this morning?  At least I have some work to do today and noon knitting to look forward to.  Since I didn't pick up my knitting again last night.  I caramelized onions last night.  I have never really done that before, not correctly and not on purpose I should say.  It takes about 45 minutes to do it right, but yummmm.  A great addition to a steak.

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