27 January, 2015

A little daylight

Since it's been so clear lately, I've been noticing that it is getting lighter.  I didn't need the flashlight when I took Tink out last night.  It's still plenty dark in the morning, but I saw the sun coming up on the way to the Transit Center yesterday too.   And warm?  Yes indeed.  Crazy warm again.  I haven't had a fire in days.  I kind of wish it would cool down to normal temperatures.  I like a fire in the evening.

When I got home last night Tinkerbell was going nuts -- even more than usual.  She couldn't wait to get outside and then she went straight for the greens.  She grazed off and on for about an hour.  When we come in from our walk she usually wants to play ball.  Last night she did not, nor had she eaten all day.  She stayed quiet all evening, but she did finally eat something.  She got up in the night for some water and this morning seemed her normal self.  She's going to be eleven next month. 

I got my latest YarnBox last night.  This month we got Feederbrook Farms Entropy.  I changed my color preference from green to purple because I was getting SO much green yarn.  This one has a little too much brown for my taste, being a kind of gradient yarn.  But I'm going to keep it.  I need to branch out.  Try new colors.

I am proud to say that I booked our stay in Florence yesterday.  I'm still going back and forth about going further into Tuscany.  I don't like Italian buses and that's what we'd have to take.  I think Tuscany is better done by car.  I want this to be a very easy vacation.  So .... back to Cinque Terre?  I have to figure it out sooner than later.

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