26 January, 2015

Crazy warm

We're having some sort of freaky inversion or something.  All weekend it was crazy warm!  Yesterday it was 63 degrees and today it will be the same.  Extremely odd weather for January.  I took advantage of it and took Tink to the park yesterday - along with about a billion other people with the same idea.  But I just couldn't stay indoors.  It was like spring!

All good intentions - but I didn't do anything on the itinerary nor did I pick up any knitting.  I wasn't in the mood for Jo's Pride and I am re-thinking the wrap I started.  I think it's going to be too heavy with the chunky yarn in there with the silk and sequins.  So I'm going to have to frog it. I need a good TV knitting project. 

It would be a great day to run.  I am over the soreness, but Tinkerbell is out of food so I'm going to have to walk to the Petco at noon today.  Tomorrow is knitting, so Wednesday is the day for running.  Hopefully Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  That would be nice.

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