30 January, 2015

Friday at last

This has been a looooooong week.  Maybe because I've been alone since Sunday night?  Or because it's been pretty quiet here at work ... I don't know.  Another weird thing -- the bus has been very uncrowded and the parking garage as well.  I was a little early this morning and I could have parked on the 2nd floor, but I've been that early before and had a hard time finding a spot.  Plus there hasn't been any standing on the bus for days and days.  It's too early for mid-terms, isn't it?  Maybe it's the flu epidemic.

I love getting home when there is still light in the sky.  I didn't need the flashlight on Tink's 5 o'clock walk last night.  It's still very dark in the morning, although on a clear morning there is a touch is color in the sky.  In another month it'll be much more noticeable.  But it's gotten colder.  The heat kept coming on this morning.  I thought I'd forgotten to turn it down before I went to bed last night, but on checking this morning it was set to 60, as usual.  It kept coming on so it was super cold in there this morning.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and Sunday.  But I've got lots to do as well because all my chores have to be done on Saturday so that Sunday can be dedicated to Super Bowl.  Oh!  Plus we're going to Purple for dinner tomorrow night.  That's a nice carrot for a day spent doing chores.  I'm doing red beans and rice for dinner on Sunday -- no Super Bowl party, just another couple.  I want to watch the game!  I think it's going to be a good one.  I hope.

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