08 January, 2015

It's all about the timing

And I can't seem to get it down!  I knew that this week the traffic would be much worse than the past few weeks because of school starting up again.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I just barely made the bus.  This morning Tink was quite efficient in her morning routine and therefore I pulled out of the driveway at 6:50 rather than 6:55 or 6:57.  The traffic was bad up until about 124th, where people can cut off to get to the 405.  Typically it's just as backed up after that but this morning it was smooth sailing and I got to the parking garage with 10 minutes to spare!  Ah well.  I'll get it.  I just want something between having to cool my heels waiting for the bus and having to dash down the stairs and run for it.

I got a good little run at my itinerary yesterday, but I am still having a hard time with it.  I feel like things are just about to burst wide open though.  I'll have it finished in a week, maximum.

Noon knitting was fun, after a little break.  We're moving it to Tuesdays to accommodate a regular meeting that has been scheduled for one of the ladies on Wednesdays.  That's going to make my week feel a bit off for a while. I wonder how many times I'll forget my knitting? I only got 1 1/2 rows done because I was yapping and lost count on the wrong side row.  I will have to find some quiet time this weekend to fix it.  Last night was "Inside the NFL" and early to bed to read again. 

Tink woke me once for a drink of water, but otherwise I slept like a baby and I must have gotten a solid 8 hours, taking that into consideration.  That being said, I am still SO tired!  I know it's got to be because of the constant darkness.  I wake up in the dark.  I drive to the parking garage in the dark.  It dawns on the ride in, but unless I get outside at lunchtime I don't get any appreciable sunshine because it's getting dark when I catch the bus home and by the time I'm there walking Tink it's dark again.  Some years the seasonal darkness doesn't bother me that much and others .... this is one of those years I guess.

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