23 January, 2015

It was fabulous!

I was feeling some trepidation about my run yesterday, but it wasn't raining and my foot was just fine, so off I went.  Slowly slowly it went.  I ran a bit, walked a bit, ran some more, etc etc.  At 1/2 mile I stopped for another couple of puffs from my inhaler and then off I went again.  By 1 3/4 miles I was feeling ggrrrreat!  I did my entire 3 miles, about 2 minutes per mile off my usual pace, but that is to be expected.  And am I ever sore today!!  I will walk at lunchtime, rest on the weekend and run again on Monday.  Hopefully I can do four times next week, but I would be happy with three.  I want to work myself up to where I was, four times a week with a day off for knitting.  But I don't want to inflame this foot or toe or ankle.  So easy does it.  But I am super happy.  The sun even came out for a bit!  And the angels sang - softly.

Today I'm going to do my best to finish up the itinerary.  I will book Florence accommodations and do some research into where in Tuscany we should spend the last five days before heading back to Paris.  Steve & Ginny went to Tuscany on a wine tasting tour.  I should get in touch with them.

Nothing much on for the weekend.  A trip to a new (for me) brewery in Woodinville tonight, tomorrow maybe an appointment with the manicurist, and then I'm on my own Sunday through Friday.  I need to visit Trader Joe's to stock up on girlie food - spinach & kale pie, chicken meatballs, salad.   I should be able to get some good knitting done too.  I'd like to get a few hours in on the Jo's Pride and block some things I've got hanging around.  Lots on the plate.

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