21 January, 2015

Tuesday knitting

How many years have I been doing noon knitting?  A long long time.  Now that it's moved to Tuesday it throws my entire week off, especially when there is a long weekend.  Despite reminding everyone on Friday, one of the ladies forgot her knitting entirely.  But there are always books to look over and plenty of idle chat - knitting and otherwise.  I got my Jo's Pride back on track and found a cardigan that I really want to make.  I am feeling guilty about the two projects that I've put aside.  Will I pick them up again?  I don't know.  I might take the alpaca I have for the Iwi pullover and use it for an open front cardigan. 

After having a terrible night's sleep Monday night I was feeling quite sleepy yesterday.  I made a nice fire when I got home and settled in for a night of reading.  Onion soup for dinner and some fresh bread and I was in bed by 9:30 and out like a light.  I woke up one time during the night, which is excellent for me because Tink manages to wake me every night.  Usually it's more than once.

I am getting closer to finishing up my itinerary for the trip this spring.  I want to contact one last friend over there and make sure we can connect.  So I can't finish up until I know if we're going to be going to Belgium or Luxembourg on the way back from Italy.  And then how many nights should we spent in Paris on the back end?  I just have to make the decisions and sometimes that's difficult.  I have been feeling a little wishy-washy lately.  It's a phase.  I hope it hurries away. 

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