15 January, 2015

Just one more episode

That's what happened to me last night.  I stayed up way too late catching up on the Showtime series "Episodes".  The new season is just starting and I never finished season three.  I didn't finish it last night either, but I got close.

Therefore, I am sleepy today.  Soon I will go outside and walk around and try to wake up.  It's cloudy, but not yet raining.  I think it's going to start raining and keep on for a week.  Hooray. 

I miss my LYS.  The store didn't go out of business, but moved up to 65th & Roosevelt, which means it is not a visit I can make at lunchtime.  I guess I could walk up to Bartell's and get some Kleenex.  I like to have a destination at lunchtime.  I stay out longer if I do.  Otherwise I get cold, just strolling around listening to my book.  I am still listening my way through the Outlander series.  How many months now have I been listening to those books?  I can't remember.  Three at least, maybe more.  I need to find a book for my Kindle app though, for reading at night.  I finished my book while I was sick.

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