26 February, 2015

A little blip

I did go home Tuesday, stopped at the store for some soup and headed home to a hot bath and bed.  I spent yesterday sleeping and paying attention to the dog and by evening I was feeling okay again.  I suspect it's my sinuses that cause this.  It was much like what happened in January and as I think more on it, it happened after a few days of cold, clear weather.  The headaches though!  Oh my.  It woke me in the night and that, my friends, is a bad headache.  All's well today.  It's cloudy and misting. 

I am still listening my way through the Outlander series.  I'm on the sixth book in the series.  I love the stories but I have to fast forward through the sex scenes.  It's SO creepy to listen to that.  I've always had a problem listening to sex scenes in these audiobooks and there are more than enough in the Outlander series.  If you can get over the melodrama and romance-ish (is that a word?) prose though, it's well worth it.  A wonderful historical group of novels.  I think it would be much easier to flip past the pages than fast forward through the narration.

I've been reading the earlier works of Sarah Dunant.  I much prefer her historical fiction, but the early works are readable.  Not nearly so engrossing through.  I'm reading Fatland now.  I think there's one more in this Hannah Wolfe series.  I almost finished it yesterday but the headaches ... it's hard to read on an iPad when you've got a headache.

Okay - for sure today I'm going finish up my train reservations.  Really.

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