23 February, 2015

That golf ball!

Ever since I started driving to the Transit Center I have been plagued by a golf ball in the truck.  Every time I would turn or stop I could hear it.  It was driving me crazy.  So of course I looked for it and got it.  I thought.  But even after capturing the ball I could still hear it.  Unbeknownst to me, there is a little storage place under the front seat.  A drawer.  And that's where the ball was!  It is gone now and I am SO happy! 

My run on Friday was a real tough one.  On the plus side, I did the first mile non-stop (except for the crossing light I had to wait for).  That's a first.  But after that ... not so good.  My thighs and knees started really hurting at 1.5 miles and by 2 miles I simply had to stop running and I walked the rest of the way back.  I wasn't worried about it though.  It makes perfect sense that my muscles would be tired and my knees sore.  The good news is that the aching in my knees didn't continue and by the time I was back and changed it had stopped.  So I am looking forward to a really great run today.

I have an exam to proctor from 10:30 to 11:30 so I think I'll put on my running clothes and walk the exams up to be scored and then run from there.  It'll be nice to have a different route for a change.  And the first part will be downhill, which is always a bonus.

Friday night we met a couple of people at the 192 Brewery to drink some good beer and listen to music.  The duo was okay, but a little folk-y for my taste.  But it was something different.  Saturday was a quick trip to the mall in the morning and then Tink got a bath before I went for my manicure.  I did her in the sink and it was better than trying to do her in the shower.  Much easier on my back.

On Sunday I finally got my area rugs out and cleaned them.  I've got a new bed set and the floral rug will look good in there.  And then - finally - I got some time to sit and knit and it was lovely.  Saturday was so nice and warm and sunny but Sunday got cloudy and it wasn't sunny until late in the afternoon.  And then it got SO cold.  When I got up it was 28 degrees!  It's because it's clear and sunny.  I don't mind.  I still want a bit of winter.

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