19 February, 2015

I think we're seeing some progress

Yesterday was beautiful and I went out for my run at noon.  Because it's been so wonderful the trees are blooming and the pollen count is very high.  I have been a bit sniffy but not too bad.  I did have to stop at half a mile to have a little puff on my inhaler, but otherwise had a pretty solid run.  The very wonderful part about it is that my foot and ankle were just fine!  At about 2 and 1/4 miles the ankle started to feel a bit sore, but not so bad that I was limping.  Now the big test will be how it feels today when I go out.  There is just minor soreness so I have high hopes that I'll be able to run the entire 3 miles.  That is SUCH good news!

Yesterday was another day at work with only myself and the IT guy manning the office.  Thank goodness he knows how to do the mail and check in packages.  Well at least it's very quiet here without the normal arguing and calling back and forth that goes on.  And yes, that's why I have a door and I do use it.  Still ....

I finished up with the Saturday Night Live special last night and nearly finished with the first skein of Entropy yarn.  I am glad I revised this pattern because now I know I'll use every last bit of the yarn on the scarf.  I would like to save a bit back for some tassels.  However, I can surely find something that will compliment the colors if I don't.  And I want to finish up this project because a new YarnBox is on its way plus March is the Luxe box so I'll be getting two boxes next month.  I am almost to the point of putting the classic box on hold for a while.  I have a bit of yarn, yeah?  Yeah.

I'm wondering if I'll take a project with me on my trip in April and I'm thinking that I probably will.  We'll have a couple of long train trips, most notably the one from Monterroso to Geneva.  One hour between Monterossa to Genoa, and then seven hours from Genoa to Geneva.  That's a good bit of time and I can't imagine I'm going to want to be looking out of the windows the entire seven hours.   Perfect for some sock knitting, because socks really are the only portable project that's small enough.  I am going to take one carry on sized bag so there's no room for extra stuff.

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