27 February, 2015

Plan B

Okay, well I've got to face the facts.  I'm not going to be able to just get running again without working up to it.  Too much time has gone by and I am going to have to do what I did when I tore up my ankle ten years ago.  I've got to build up to it gradually.  The thing is that I'm so concerned about hurting myself again that I can't get going enough to build up my muscles.  So to that end I walked over to the IMA, the gym, and got my membership started up again.  This weekend I'm going to get myself some new gym clothes (no I cannot use my running clothes) and gather all of the other little things that one needs to shower in the afternoon and starting Monday I'll start going at lunchtime.  The nice thing about the IMA is that there's an indoor track and tons and tons of machines.  So I can, for example, use the Precor one day, the bike another, and use machines to build up my quads and hamstrings, do upper body work.  I can start out running ONE day a week for 30 minutes.  And inside, so the pollen won't be as bothersome.  And this way at least I'm doing something! 

Today it's going to be a long walk up to get Tink some food and maybe get a nice salad from TJ's.  It's raining hard today but we're supposed to have a nice sunny weekend.  I might get out in the yard and clean up the vegetable bed.  I won't be able to plant until I get back from my trip in May, but I can clean up.

I did get all of the last train reservations made yesterday.  Now to fill in the itinerary.  That's going to take some study.  And no I'm not going to fill up every day with things to do.  I like to have plenty of lazing around time.  Here's hoping we get decent weather.

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