04 February, 2015

I'm done pouting

Okay!  Enough is enough!  Football is done and I'm over it.  We'll look forward to the draft in April and I've got six months of weekends with lots and lots of free time!  And I'm ready to finish up my Europe itinerary and start day dreaming about my trip in .... 11 weeks and two days!!  I am nearly done.  I've decided on Cinque Terra to today I'll book the lodgings and decide how to get back to Paris.  Make reservations for air travel, and buy advance tickets to the Uffizi gallery and to see David.  There's still lots to do, isn't there?

Do you have that one person in your office who complains if anyone comes in to work sick?  Or with a cold?  Do you?  We do too!  And guess who's here today coughing and sniffing and blowing her nose?  Yup.  Grrrrrrrr

I'm looking forward to running today.  No pain in my ankle or foot.  The last couple of days I've been awakened by pain in that area.  I am wondering if I should stop running for a while and join up at the IMA and use the elliptical for a while.  That's what I had to do ... was it really 10 years ago? ... when I tore up my ankle.  We'll see how I feel after today's run.

Noon knitting was good yesterday and I got two solid rows done on the Jo's Pride.  We had a good turn out as well.  And last night I got some good work done on my TV knitting shawl while I watched a stupid movie.  Perfect.  I guess the only thing to make it better would have been a fire, but it's been so darned mild lately.  It seems a waste. 

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