11 February, 2015

Coming around

Okay ... what is this?  Week three or four that we've had noon knitting on Tuesday?  So today it actually feels like Wednesday.  I think I can run this afternoon, which would be awesome.  I swear, if I can't get a routine going pretty soon I'm going to have to join the IMA again and work out there.  I'd much much MUCH rather run outside than go to the gym .....

I got two solid rows done on the Jo's Pride yesterday at noon and then at home I got some good work done on the Incentive wrap.  I'd like to get that finished up and then this weekend get a bunch of stuff blocked.  I have two others sitting in my room that need to be blocked.  I have Monday off so it would be nice to get it done on Sunday.

I am trying to get Tink set up for our trip.  I really don't want to have to put her in a kennel for three whole weeks.  I have a friend who has two other Westies so I'm hoping they can take her.  She needs to talk to her husband.  Fingers crossed.

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